Patched, Ansible Friendly Baseline Linux Images on AWS

Kurian, a Silicon Valley based DevOps consulting company, has released Amazon Machine Images (AMI) with latest patches and updates for all the popular Linux distributions on AWS Marketplace.

Any one dealing with provisioning infrastructure on AWS would soon run into issues like official AMIs that may not have the latest patches or those missing some important tools like a Python installation or wget or basic trouble shooting tools. These AMIs address all that and they can be added to a cluster with minimum additional updates and they are also friendly with automation tools like Ansible.

Following are the Linux flavors and versions currently supported by these AMIs and they are free to use:

Amazon Linux
- 2018
- 2

- 7.9
- 8.3

Debian Linux
- 10

Fedora Linux
- 31

Red Hat Enterprise Linux
- 7.9
- 8.3

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
- 12 SP5
- 15 SP2

openSUSE Linux
- Leap 15.2

- 16.04
- 18.04
- 20.04

Details about these AMIs and future updates about them can be found at


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