DevOps Desk

  • Ansible
  • git client
  • kubectl
  • awscli
  • curl
  • zip & unzip
  • Python 2.7
  • Python 3. This is the default python version setup on the AMI.
  • Networking triaging tools:
  • arp is used to manipulate the kernel's ARP cache, usually to add or delete an entry, or to dump the entire cache.
  • dnsdomainname reports the system's DNS domain name.
  • domainname reports or sets the system's NIS/YP domain name.
  • hostname reports or sets the name of the current host system.
  • ifconfig is the main utility for configuring network interfaces.
  • netstat is used to report network connections, routing tables, and interface statistics.
  • route is used to manipulate the IP routing table.



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