Jenkins AWS AMIs by Kurian for building robust CI/CD pipeline.

Complete Jenkins offerings by Kurian in AWS marketplace, that can be tried out for free.

When it comes to install an application on Linux distributions they look very different. You have to deal with multiple package management systems and installation steps that might not look much in common unfortunately. Here we would see how Jenkins software is installed on two representative Linux platforms, Ubuntu and CentOS.

Following steps work on all the latest versions of Ubuntu — 16.06, 18.04 and 20.04

$ wget -q -O - | sudo apt-key add -$ sudo sh -c 'echo deb binary/…

A DevOps engineer needs to access a variety of applications in the DevOps toolchain such as Git server, Jenkins, Kubernetes clusters, monitoring tools and artifact repositories. Also, they need to have tools that help with troubleshooting such as netcat and dig. General purpose tools such as Ansible, Terraform and public cloud client utilities such as AWS CLI are also important to have.

While these utilities would be installed and configured on a DevOps Engineer’s laptop, there is no standard stack available for setting up a machine with all these tools. Such an environment within a specific network is needed at…

Kurian, a Silicon Valley based DevOps consulting company, has released Amazon Machine Images (AMI) with latest patches and updates for all the popular Linux distributions on AWS Marketplace.

Any one dealing with provisioning infrastructure on AWS would soon run into issues like official AMIs that may not have the latest patches or those missing some important tools like a Python installation or wget or basic trouble shooting tools. These AMIs address all that and they can be added to a cluster with minimum additional updates and they are also friendly with automation tools like Ansible.

Following are the Linux flavors…

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